Development of a pharmacokinetics database and prediction models

  • 1. Development of an integrated database Information on thousands of drug compounds from public databases were extracted and all the relevant pharmacokinetic data on these compounds were collected. We also acquired both in vitro and in vivo experimental data. The database schema for integrating the public and in-house data were created. The database is going to opened to the public.
  • 2. Construction of an in silico model for predicting pharmacokinetic parameters We aimed to construct a structure-activity relationship model for predicting physicochemical properties of compounds from their chemical structures.
  • 3. We have established a framework for public-private partnership to share proprietary data and prediction models with seven domestic pharmaceutical companies, and have built a database of high-quality pharmacokinetic/toxicity screening data and prediction models based on this database. The prediction models built through the public-private partnership and a part of the prediction models embedded in DruMAP have been incorporated into Fujitsu Digital Laboratory Platform "SCIQUICK".

Software & Database



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