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Large-scale data integration


  • This project aims to develop new tools and applications for biological data integration.
  1. Development of a web-based search engine to assist biomedical research and drug discovery
  2. RDFization of data from NIBIO databases (such as Open TG-GATEs)
  3. Catalogueing biomedical databases in Japan


Recent achievements

  • Web-based Search Engine, Sagace.


Software & Database



  1. Morita, M., Igarashi, Y., Ito, M., Chen, Y.-A., Nagao, C., Sakaguchi, Y., Sakate, R., Masui, T., & Mizuguchi, K. 2012 Sagace: A web-based search engine for biomedical databases in Japan. BMC Research Notes 5(1), 604 doi

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