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ArfinM.png (13.74 KB) Mochammad Arfin Osaka University - Graduate school (Doctor's course) Graduates

Guest Researchers (detail)

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Kenji202008_cropped_72dpi_2_0.jpg Kenji Mizuguchi Guest researchers
  • Guest Professor, Graduate School of Frontier BioSchiences, Osaka University
  • Guest Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University


 [Members] 伊藤 眞里 Mari Itoh Guest researchers

(Research Interests)

  1. The Exploratory research of biomarkers in immune-disorders, especially exosomes
  2. The stress response in the cells, especially in aging process
  3. Systems biology, network biology, integration of –omics data for whole body systems
Attayeb-202309.png (23.88 KB) Attayeb Mohsen Guest researchers

(Research Interests)

  • Previous research: Neuropharmacology of histamine in anxiety and sleep deprivation.
  • Future plans: Understanding the concepts of Bioinformatics and using the available bioinformatics resources in combination with medical background to contribute in the field of interdisciplinary research.
  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Favorite proverb: To learn something, you need to try it, and you have to sacrifice for it
 [Members] ロケシュ パティ テリパチ Lokesh P. Tripathi Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Guest researchers

(Research Interests)

  1. Network-based functional annotation for target discovery.
  2. Biological data integration for enhanced function annotation of genes and genomes.
  3. Evolution of protein repertoire and function.
 [Members] 野島 陽水 Yosui Nojima Osaka University Guest researchers
 [Members] 長尾 知生子 Chioko Nagao Osaka University Guest researchers
 [Members] Luiz Miguel Quinn Camargo Luiz Miguel Quinn Camargo UCB Pharma Guest researchers

Affiliation: UCB Pharma

Contact: luizmiguelc(@)

 [Members] 施 继晔 Jiye Shi UCB Pharma Guest researchers

Affiliation: UCB Pharma

Contact: Jiye.Shi(@)

 [Members] 森田 瑞樹 Mizuki Morita Okayama University Guest researchers

Affiliation: Okayama University

(Research Interests)

  1. Molecular recognition by proteins
  2. Understanding, prediction and design of protein structures and functions
  3. Structure, dynamics and function of membrane proteins
  4. Rare diseases and orphan drugs
 [Members] シャンダー アハマド Shandar Ahmad Jawaharlal Nehru University Guest researchers

Affiliation: Jawaharlal Nehru University

(Research Interests)

  • I am interested in developing statistical, machine learning and physics based algorithms to predict biomolecular interactions from sequence.
  • This includes protein-DNA, protein-RNA, protein-protein and other ligand interactions. My current interest is in genome-wide interactions and integrated approaches.
  • I am also interested in deciphereing regulatory dynamics of immune system at a molecular level and trying to discover and decipher unknown regulatory events in macrophages.
 [Members] ロドルフォ セバスティアン アジェンデス オソリオ Rodolfo Sebastian Allendes Osorio Osaka University Guest researchers

(Research Interests)

  • I am interested in the development of novel visualization methods and tools, and their use within a biological context. Also, I am focused on learn more about machine and deep learning.
 [Members] 朴 鐘旭 Jonguk Park Meiji Co., Ltd. Guest researchers

(Research Interests)

  • My current research topic is understanding interaction between gut microbial flora and various data from human. And I'm also learning basic of bioinformatics.
 [Members] 渡邉 怜子 Reiko Watanabe Osaka University Guest researchers

(Research Interests)

Development of a pharmacokinetic prediction models that can be practically applied in drug discovery.

Takeshi Ohtsuka MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES Bioinformatics Project
marcelo.png (38.33 KB) Marcelo da Silva Reis Entire